DexGrid's Demand Response solution

At the core of the Community Microgrid program is the ability to support reliable electricity operations at all time. WeAlign is DexGrid's software module meant to align consumption behaviors with the amount of electricity available to meet the electricity needs of the consumers, anytime in the day and night.

Our analytics have shown that through our economic and safeguard algorithm, the performance and reliability of the microgrid operations are greatly improved while promoting consumers savings.

At certain times of electricity use, consumers will be notified through their GridUser that the projected energy supply/energy demand (ESED) index is at a level that's optimal for them to earn Energy Credits (ECs) by reducing their consumption.

Under normal operations, consumers receive a Notification. In an emergency situation, meaning that the microgrid ESED is under stress, this Notification turns into an Alert.

We expect that at certain times, some consumers might respond while others might not, which the software will monitor and allocate accordingly the ECs rewards accumulated over the period. A period resets at the beginning of each month, the day after the consumer statement.

WeAlign is proprietary to DexGrid. Reach out to us for any questions.

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