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What is it?

The GridLauncher is the digital microgrids incubator enabling Rookies and Pros to launch their projects.

It streamlines the entire process from the project feasibility and modeling, to the full operational preview, all in a simplified, coordinated and centralized manner.

This is where projects can take advantage of the $40 million funding committed to the development of the projects.

The GridLauncher is best experienced on a laptop or desktop interface.

All projects are confidential and their data secure with encryption. Project anchors decide what to share, to who and when.

Who should use the GridLauncher app?

The GridLauncher incubates projects for both Rookie and Pro anchors.

Sign up now to your free trial.

The Pro version has all the features available in the Rookie version, plus:

What is an anchor?

A sponsor, a business, a microgrid developer, a manufacturer, a municipality or a homeowner association that incubates their own microgrid projects and sell their electricity to their neighbors.

These anchors might already be running their own microgrid, in which case, they can sell their excess electricity and also expand their generation capacity to sell it to their neighbors.

Project anchors might also start considering their own energy needs and then take advantage of generating additional revenue in selling their electricity to their neighbors.

All anchors are local leaders generating a profit while supporting their communities with reliable and resilient electricity.

A win-win for everybody!

Who are the consumers within the community?

The neighbors of a microgrid project

They are usually the local households, the businesses and the manufacturers. They can also be the schools and churches.

Does DexGrid take my data and sell it to third parties?

Absolutely not!

This is not a regular app where the users are the product. This time, users use the product, the product being decentralized, affordable and reliable electricity.

What does it mean "The GridLauncher can be completed in a few steps"?

Completing the simulation of a community microgrid can be done in minutes on the GridLauncher.

However, launching operations requires professionals to develop and deploy the project, which certainly takes more time.

Something for sure is that through the GridLauncher, the development process is made much easier, faster and certainly cheaper!

What are the steps to complete the GridLauncher?

Five steps:

• Defining the local consumers starting with the categories (residential for households, commercial or industrial), and the number of consumers per category. A map of the area is available to help with this step.

Households are residential, businesses like restaurants, stores are commercial and manufacturers are industrial

• Selecting which type of energy generation system is preferred and see the estimate of costs and revenue.

• Producing a professional looking factsheet of the project to share with investors, lenders and other interested parties.

• Getting a competitive quote from trusted energy professionals.

• Previewing how our software supports the reliability and performance of the microgrid under various conditions.

How much does the weather impact the generation of electricity? Similarly, how does the microgrid react to sudden, irregular peaks of consumption?

Features supporting the success of your project:

  • Load and energy generation and storage customization

  • Invite someone to view or edit your project, combining and coordinating expertises necessary to successfully develop your project

  • (See the Market Stats, tracking the progress of the project in the regional context. Great tool to get tips on how to increase chances to launch)

How do I get started?

Sign up to your free trial.

Prosumers, stay tune for more info on how to onboard your system and get paid to sell your excess electricity for real money.

Contact us for more details.

What happens once my microgrid is ready to launch?

The microgrid project is ready to launch when the generation system has been deployed and the consumers have been connected to the standalone grid.

This is processed as a seamless continuation of the experience offered throughout the GridLauncher and the First Touch Campaign.

The electric marketplace and the REC marketplace are deployed, streamlined through the GridUser.

From there, the anchor is able to monitor their energy production, the consumption, the microgrid performance and even complete and submit the reporting requirement to the Puerto Rico Energy Bureau.

The DexGrid team will provide anchors with additional information as progress is made on their microgrid projects.

What if I have questions?

We encourage users to check out our comprehensive documentation to find answers to their questions.

For anything else, reach out to us.

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