Walkthrough of DexGrid
We are a software company that provides solutions for electric microgrids and their communities.

Community Microgrid Program

Anchored by commercial leaders (anchors), communities benefit from affordable rate and reliable service on their electricity provided through local generation and storage. The Community Microgrid program enables microgrid project anchors to set early expectations, model their project and coordinate with energy professionals for competitive quotes as well as investors for raising capital. It also onboards local consumers, getting everyone ready to launch their new electricity alternative.
Our current market is Puerto Rico, where the need for resilient electricity is urgent. However, we are prepared to rapidly expand once our pilots show success from the current efforts.
DexGrid is currently focused on helping several customers in Puerto Rico build their first microgrids, using solar PV generation and local storage. These microgrid projects operate as standalone grids, benefiting from a reliance on themselves rather than the existing utility company, LUMA.
You can read more about our current pilot in Tallaboa here:
Also, DexGrid and the Tallaboa Community Microgrid project have an ongoing, three part piece in the main newspaper of Puerto Rico, El Nuevo Dia. You can read our blog piece about this and find the first article linked here:
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