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Who are Anchors?

Anchors are the sponsors, the local businesses, manufacturers, homeowner associations and municipalities that kickstart a microgrid project for sustainable and lower cost electricity while, at the same time, selling their electricity to their neighbors. These anchors can be Rookies (non-energy experts) and Pros (experts in energy).

Anchors incubate their projects into the GridLauncher, making it easy to launch their projects.

How do I launch my Community Microgrid?

We make it easy!

Sign up to your 1 month FREE TRIAL

Then, Rookies pay $200 per month

Pros pay $400 per month

Both plans are also offered at a 40% annual discount!!

At the pre-development stage, DexGrid becomes a minority shareholder for 5% equity into the project's investment vehicle

“Having customers already onboarded to the microgrid project is a big plus when raising capital!” -Jorge Rodriguez - Marathon Capital - Investment management leader

DexGrid is working closely with the DOE and Vivienda to facilitate granting up to 50% of the projects' CAPEX

Private funding has already committed $20 million to projects coming of the incubator

Projects include a 15% annual return for the lifetime of the project

What are the DexGrid costs?

Projects are incubated with ALL estimated costs included!

How long does it take to incubate a project?

The first 2 steps can be completed within minutes. We estimate a +/- 30% of margin of error to what the final number will be.

However, launching operations to sell electricity to the community requires energy professionals to develop and deploy the project, which certainly takes more time.

Something for sure though is that using the GridLauncher is a game changer for everyone involved.

Now is the time to act! We need anchors. Join us!

We're reaching out to business owners and managers to lead this effort and get their community microgrids going.

Join us in launching this energy alternative for your communities in Puerto Rico.

Your leadership matters. Everyone in the community will reap the benefits in supporting this effort for Puerto Rico.

Sign up for free or reach out to us for more information on how to anchor your microgrid project.

How I can help

In several ways:

  • Sign up for free and start your community microgrid project

  • Sponsor or reach out to us to discuss how you can contribute to make PR strong!

  • Spread the word to potential sponsors and project anchors

  • Reach out to us for any other topic benefiting La Isla del Encanto.

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