Renewable Energy Credits

Puerto Ricans have decided that generating renewable energy deserves credit. We're building an in-house tech suite to facilitate this effort for our users.

Puerto Rico's congress passed the Puerto Rico Energy Public Policy Act, or Act 17, which authorized the Bureau for energy regulation in Puerto Rico to enforce a marketplace for RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates).

‘Renewable Energy Certificate or REC’.- means a personal property that constitutes a tradeable and negotiable asset or commodity that may be purchased, sold, assigned, and transferred between persons for any lawful purpose, which is integrally and inseparably equal to one (1) megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity generated from a sustainable renewable energy source or alternative renewable energy source in Puerto Rico (issued and registered pursuant to this Act) and, in turn, represents all environmental and social attributes, as defined in this Act.

DexGrid's product offering includes toolkits for its customers to both seamlessly generate these credits when operating renewable sources of power generation and also to find a marketplace to exchange them.

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