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Consumers of local microgrids | Consumidores de microrredes locales

First Touch Campaign: Onboarding neighbors to their microgrid

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First Touch Campaign, a chance to win up to $350!

$50 reward when uploading your last 12 months of LUMA bills or $20 for your last few months of LUMA bills.

It's easy! Enter your LUMA credentials to upload your bills.

Your LUMA username and password are NOT stored by DexGrid. The electricity bills are always kept CONFIDENTIAL and SECURED by DexGrid.

The WeAlign game

WeAlign is a program that rewards the microgrid consumers who support reliable operations by adjusting their electricity consumption at times of needs.

The game starts two weeks after the first neighbor of a project has been onboarded.

Within GridUser and throughout their First Touch Campaign, users participate to the simulation of their consumption, through signals guiding them on how to save money on their electricity needs and how to support the microgrid in times of stress.

Each participant plays the WeAlign game for a 1 month period, time at which DexGrid will send an email asking for a picture of the participant's latest LUMA bill. This latest bill is required for DexGrid to establish which participants have won the $300 and $150 prizes.

The game winner is determined 2 months after the first neighbor of a project has been onboarded.

The winners are determined as a result of how responsive they were to the signals received on GridUser. The more often a participant responds to the signals combined with how well they followed the guidance in adjusting their consumption behavior is what determines the winner and second best.

These rewards are made available only to the participants within each project anchor.

While the anchor and DexGrid will start the onboarding process, we invite all neighbors to contact us for more information.

WeAlign sounds cool but can you provide more info?

At the core of the Community Microgrid program is the ability to support reliable electricity operations at all time.

WeAlign is meant to align consumption behaviors with the amount of electricity available to meet the electricity needs of the consumers, anytime in the day and night.

DexGrid's analytics have shown that the performance and reliability of the microgrid operations are greatly improved by educating and rewarding responsive consumers onto the specificities of renewables such as solar panels. For instance, long cloudy/rainy sessions combined with high consumption might create stress in the operations of a microgrid.

The WeAlign game is the best way to get consumers familiar with this concept and practice how they can maximize their savings ahead of the project successful launch.

At times, participants will receive a signal on their app, guiding them on how to adjust their consumption to save Energy Credits, the unit of electricity money.

Under normal operations, consumers will be guided on how to save money on their electricity needs. In an emergency situation, meaning the microgrid is under stress, this signal turns into an alert.

From time to time, some consumers will respond, others might not, resulting over time in adjusted reward levels calculated at the software level.

How the payments are processed within the GridUser app

All payments and rewards within the GridUser are processed in Energy Credits (ECs) in the GridUser's wallet. That includes the rewards earned throughout the First Touch Campaign.

What the Energy Credits (ECs) are

An Energy Credit is the digital version of the local currency that is used by the community microgrids.

Electricity consumers use ECs to pay for their electricity needs. Anchors and prosumers get paid in ECs when selling their electricity.

ECs transact at a 1 for 1 ratio to the local currency where the microgrid is operating.

For instance, in Puerto Rico, a user can convert USD into ECs, and vice versa, directly between their bank account and their GridUser wallet. For example, a user in PR with 100 ECs in their GridUser wallet has the equivalent of $100.

What can I do with my Energy Credits in my GridUser wallet?

Through their wallet, users can:

  1. Use these ECs as free money to pay for their electricity needs once the microgrid operations have launched

  2. If the community microgrid does not launch, users will be offered withdraw them to their bank account

DexGrid team is working hard on expanding its service offerings to its users, allowing them to do even more with their energy money. Stay tune for our next release!

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