Who is a Customer?

Microgrid anchors, consumers and prosumers | Utility grids

In regions challenged by unreliable and/or expensive power grid

We have a comprehensive solution for that called the Community Microgrid program.

Leading businesses and associations looking for sustainable electricity pay their systems sooner when selling their electricity to their neighbors.

As part of this program, these microgrid project anchors set early expectations, coordinate the modeling of their project and get a competitive quote from professionals of the industry. At least 15 consumers are onboarded until operations launch, the marketplace deploys and the project scales to the local community.

Our partnership with trusted microgrid developers and investors facilitate the funding and development of the energy generation assets and the maintenance of the infrastructure.

Utility grids looking to upgrade their user experience and operations

Utilities have multiple roles to fulfill. Most of the time, they handle all operations from the energy generation to the distribution and billing at the consumer level. Their area of coverage is often very large and their operations challenging.

In general, these challenges happen at the load balancing and user experience levels.

When demand doesn't meet the supply of electricity, then the utility gets stressed and complex systems must be put in place to balance the system.

On the experience side, users are limited to paying for the amount of electricity they receive.

Our modular software build-up enables these utilities to upgrade their load balancing operations (WeAlign program) and the overall experience of their users.

Microgrids often rely on renewable sources of power generation, such as solar or wind. These sources, while clean and affordable, generate energy that is not dispatchable on demand, but rather when the natural resources of the sun and wind are available. Our users have the opportunity to help stabilize the network while being rewarded for it.

We call it the WeAlign program.

A microgrid anchor is usually a leading business, manufacturer, municipality and association interested in carrying out the deployment of microgrids as a primary producer of energy and storage, through the financing of grid distribution and measurement.

In regions challenged by their power grid, these are typically DexGrid's initial customers in launching local operations.

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