A trusted electricity wallet empowering our users on valuable opportunities! This is how we envision it.

The DexGrid consumer app has been designed with regular people in mind.

Regular people want to participate in improving their community but when it comes to their power, they shouldn't need to invest significant thought or time in. Therefore, our application for consumers has been designed from the bottom up to provide a seamless yet powerful user experience.

Whatever the future, water and electricity will always be fundamental needs to humanity!

At DexGrid, we want to maximize how much our users can do from their electricity wallet.

We know and already take advantage of many valuable opportunities.

We are carrying this knowledge onto our app so that our users can benefit from them as well, all through their trusted electricity app.

Earn additional Energy Credits just by hodling them in your wallet. Borrow money at low rates. Send money to friends and family anywhere in the world. And that's just the beginning!

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