Golang Developer (Filled)

Handle the storage, intake and program development for our customer’s personal data and information used for advanced electric grid systems and their marketplaces.

Email us at info@dexgrid.io to apply for this position

DexGrid is a fully remote working company and focused on digital by default. While based out of Puerto Rico, we are hiring our product development team abroad.

About Us:

DexGrid builds the electric marketplace and consumption logic of the future electric grid. At DexGrid, our mission is to make electric grid resilience something regular grid users are compensated for without any personal effort. DexGrid personalizes the energy consumption and payment experience for each user, to draw out and meet their personal needs while exceeding their standards for cost savings of using clean power sources. The traditional electric grid is broken, with regions like Puerto Rico and California left with power outages and soaring electric bills for consumers. DexGrid empowers communities to operate their own power grid. DexGrid microgrids rely on their own energy generation and storage as well as controlled consumption to keep the grid stable at all times. At the center of DexGrid sits our consumer web application, which is currently in the MVP stage. This is where we need you.

About You:

We are looking for an experienced backend developer to handle the storage, intake and interfaces for our customer’s personal data and information used for advanced electric grid systems. You are looking for an opportunity to directly affect the lives of people with a serious need through your security focus, streamlining of access, and progressive development focus. You have a desire for designing secure, accessible and resilient data management systems.

  • Experience with a Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Run and Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL is a must

  • Experience working devops on a live app

  • Strong familiarity with backend development of Go server code is a must

Successful Candidates Will:

  • Know how to build an evolving data architecture and experiment with it

  • Be open to your concepts being tested, challenged and refined to reach the final designs with input from your backend developer counterpart

  • Know how to get into good work flows on your own

  • Are comfortable with the hectic and changing nature of a startup

  • Be independent and curious about learning robust security approaches and architecture

  • As this is a remote role, we believe in having the ability to communicate clearly and efficiently to be extremely important.

  • Take advantage of the early stage of the company to form the product into something they are proud to provide our users

  • Mentor fellow developers as we hire them, helping them to think more critically and strategically and improve their craft

Even Better:

  • Experience with developing API endpoints and data access layers

  • Demonstrated security acumen and a history of decision-making based on software logic needs

  • Experience being in charge of data schema design

  • Professional working knowledge of Docker, test and release automated development pipelines, and Terraform infrastructure as code.

  • Demonstrated knowledge building and implementing prediction algorithms

  • Working knowledge with Layer 2 EVM and Web3 development

What You'll be Doing:

  • Determining the architecture of the microgrid marketplace and settlement databases

  • Maintaining the current cloud infrastructure on GCP through our Terraform file system, API data architecture for users and third parties, and developing internal cloud programs in Go

  • Working in tandem with your front-end counterparts and their focus on developing progressive software programs

  • Continuing to develop our strategies to ensure maximum security for our user’s personal and energy consumption data, every step of the pipeline

  • Collaborating with the incentive and regulation focused arms of DexGrid to ensure compliance and ensured results

  • Learning about developing frameworks and technologies which could be implemented for expanded benefits to our users and maximum resilience of a platform requiring 100% uptime

Interview Process:

  • Due to the remote nature of our company and the current year, our interviews will be handled almost always remotely

  • Interviews are being conducted over video by the founding team at DexGrid

  • A screening interview will be followed by a technical exercise and later, a teambuilding exercise for shortlisted candidates

  • Our process from screening to hiring intends to contain the process within 30 days. Our responsibility to our candidates in the process is never keep anyone unsure of their status for more than a week without updates.

  • Our interview process intends to offer candidates a flavor of what working with our team is like as well as understanding how you operate as a teammate

To set up a screening call with us, please fill in the following form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible:

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